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The Seasoning House Jul21st2012

I had known about Paul Hyett’s special make-up work for years (I’m a big fan of this area of film-making) & finally got to work alongside him on “Doomsday”, yet never actually got around to speaking with him until “Centurion” (long story involving another studio). Once we had struck up a friendship, I found myself involved in Paul’s own feature endeavours, “The Black Site” & “The Seasoning House”, the latter becoming the opening performance of the 13th Film4 FrightFest.

“The Seasoning House” is a gruelling experience, with a script I nearly turned down due to it being so unrelentingly brutal, but Paul slips effortlessly from 2nd unit director to the main chair & delivers a grim survival horror with an almost fairytale atmosphere. Look a little closer & you might spot my tattoo designs sported by actors Sean Pertwee as Goran & Ryan Oliva as Ivan.

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