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Unknown (2011): Dir. Jaume Collet-Serra

The Set-Up: Martin Harris (Liam Neeson) & Gina ( Diane Kruger) have narrowly escaped an attempt on their lives back at her apartment, leaving one assassin dead. They are now racing through the backstreets of Berlin, using the taxi of their murdered friend Biko (Clint Dyer), but the remaining killer proves far more tenacious.

What I liked about this sequence was the way it sets up a Bourne-style car chase on the nightime streets of Berlin then scuttles that expectation by having both cars crash with the remaining pursuit on foot, more reminiscent of Cold War 70’s thrillers like “The Odessa File”.

This was replaced in the final movie by a Bourne-style car chase, very effectively executed but not as clever as the writers had intended.

In this second chunk of storyboards, Martin & Gina try to evade the killer through the trainyard they have found themselves in. When these were drawn, no such location had been scouted yet so the sketches are just an amalgamation of picture reference & places I actually knew. We later found a trainyard which matched almost exactly but safety concerns were high which probably contributed to the sequence being replaced.

The last two frames were added to show Martin & Gina escaping back into the streets & that the assassin would still be right behind them. Earlier storyboards had the characters dodging speeding trains, nearly being crushed by carriages & other even more dangerous stunts that were considered then discarded.