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The Seasoning House Jul21st2012

I had known about Paul Hyett’s special make-up work for years (I’m a big fan of this area of film-making) & finally got to work alongside him on “Doomsday”, yet never actually got around to speaking with him until “Centurion” (long story involving another studio). Once we had struck up a friendship, I found myself involved in Paul’s own feature endeavours, “The Black Site” & “The Seasoning House”, the latter becoming the opening performance of the 13th Film4 FrightFest.

“The Seasoning House” is a gruelling experience, with a script I nearly turned down due to it being so unrelentingly brutal, but Paul slips effortlessly from 2nd unit director to the main chair & delivers a grim survival horror with an almost fairytale atmosphere. Look a little closer & you might spot my tattoo designs sported by actors Sean Pertwee as Goran & Ryan Oliva as Ivan.

Rose Black Jul21st2012

My first graphic novel “Rose Black” was published in 2004, coinciding with my first feature film “The Jacket”. Editor-in-chief of Rough Cut Comics Edward Murphy attended the May 2012 KAPOW! Comic Con with model Jackie “Ladydchaos” Kennedy, looking uncannily like one of my early concept drawings for the character.

Welcome Jul17th2012

Yes, I’m afraid it’s me again

Spike Milligan

Welcome to my much-delayed personal website which will now serve to present most of my work, though I remain grateful to Comicartfans for their free hosting in previous years.

May I also introduce my new agent James Little of Screen Talent, through whom all work related enquiries should now be directed. James was highly recommended to me by Paul Hyett & Jacqueline Fowler, two incredibly talented individuals also represented by him & who will probably be mentioned many times on this site.

Credit for the building of this website goes to the lovely Arol Hill, her patience must be boundless.

Additional thanks go to Scott MacDonald, Shauna Osborne-Dowle, Jaime Biazotti & my parents for their continued support over the years & all the film crews I have had the privilege to work with.

And to you for visiting here.

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